man baggage

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Hey powder room, i'm back with another opinion thread. How much baggage is too much to handle?

Ok so I met this guy, we've been talking for a minute and for the most part he's pretty cool. He's 26, a year younger than me- but he's extremely mature for his age.

when we first met I noticed he had a tattoo of a pair of lips on his neck with a lady's name under it. I ask him about it and it was his ex of 9yrs. He said that they are through and I believe him.

He then mentions that she's like 49yrs old and he met her shortly after his mother passed when he was 17. And i'm the youngest person he has ever talked to.

Ladies,is this man looking for a mother figure or am I reading too much into this?

Men, how old is the oldest woman you've ever talked to or pursued? And how old were you when you met?



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