Did Mr. J Rape Barbara Gordon

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I've always wondered this since I originally read the The Killing Joke, did J (or his goons,) have "have his way," with Barbara Gordon after he popped her. One of the things that makes The Joker such a enjoyable character is the fact that he's out of his mind and will do anything, but for some reason, I'm not comfortable with him raping or allowing Babs to have been assaulted in such a vile and brutal manner.



Or is one of those things that Moore (with his perpetually hating and angry ass,) left up to the readers in interpretation kinda this issue of Batman #424


Did Jason pushed that nigga over the edge, or did he spook him and potna fell over the railing? At this point in Jason's life he was going on hard on niggas, so I wouldn't put it pass him to had pushed dude. I really don't know.


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