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Best Leftovers from the night before

lookdudelookdude Posts: 16,646 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2013 in For The Grown & Sexy
Goin with pizza cuz this papa Murphy's pepperoni sausage mushroom onions and whatever the fuck is hitting right now

Best Leftovers from the night before 60 votes

dwade206texas409Got Em ShookStewKarl.illestni99ainneBiblicalAtheist CoolJoelookdudeMister B.TheBoyRoYoung_ChitlinBilly_PonchoIgot5onitHafBaykedpurpngoldAristo_V300atribecalledgabiSnake GriffinSleepwalkingInJapan 23 votes
Chinese food
Already Home_17BabyBugattiVader_F_KennedyCashmoneyDuxBoldChildSkyler Whitewhitecracker 7 votes
Chicken Wings
JusDre313its....JOHN BYoung Gunner 3 votes
Recaptimus_Prime360leftcoastkevMsSouthernMdizzle9000PurrGettinLohueykakiharaCutler 26 INT's LOL!unspoken_respectOff&OnBodhicaddo manLPastKing EraunogoldenjakonceptjonesTheIraqLou_CypherBlack_Samson 27 votes


Creepset Cuh !


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