dating whilst in a relationship

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Nigga wants to play me? cant make time for me, but can for other shit? excuses upon excuses. ive said it a million times BE REAL WITH ME, if you dont wanna be with me then TELL ME, you twice as big as me, i aint gon beat ur ass.
im trying REAL hard to stay in this shit, i do love him dont get me wrong. i know he cares about me, but now im questioning if theres really love ON HIS SIDE. if you LOVED someone youd' make time to see them right? right.

so i got this. after valentine imma start dating other fucking people, i cant get that affection from you? ill get it from someone else. i wont kiss no one, i wont sex no one. but ill have a good motherfucking time. and when the time comes if need be imma dump yo ass.

im only doing this cos i hope hes ass will fix up while i start dating others because if not id have to dump him right here and now, im tired of this bullshit, but i cant bring myself to do it just yet.

yall think this is triflin? probably is. but you knoooww that saying. if you aint giving your man/woman what they need, someone else will.
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