How To Fix The Education System

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we all know public education is trash; but every year they always talk about education reform; but it is based on the old and outdated traditional education would you go about re-inventing instead of reforming is what i would do:

School Hours
- Hours of operation would be increased to 9-5
Update Curriculum
- Teachers should teach the subject and not the test
- If the school is specialized (engineering, arts, hospitality, etc.); then all students should have an interest in that specialization
Better use of Social Media/Web
- Every teacher needs webpage dedicated to their subject, classroom and school; which needs to be updated weekly with extra assignments, tips, and other informative information
- School administrators will also be required to have a webpage dedicated to their school and updated weekly
Students required participation in community service/internships
- Students required either complete 120 hours of community service or have a documented internship with a list of their duties and what they learned and accomplished
Better utilization of both public and private sectors
- The school system should make better use of these entities that can offer students different opportunities and experiences to show them there are more areas to be successful than sports and entertainment
Education outside of the classroom
- Better utilization of surroundings outside of the school that can offer a new perspective
- Take trips to museums, fashion week, stock exchanges, manufacturing facilities, etc.
Better inclusion of parents/guardians
- Engage parents/guardians besides letters of missed school or suspensions
- Invite them to view classes
Teacher Evaluations
- Teachers should be evaluated and rewarded based on student improvement and not test scores ( if a student started the year at a 3rd grade level when they should be at 6th; but finishes the year at a 5th grade level when they should be at 7th should count for something)
- Teachers should also be cognizant of students who may need social services and inform the right person and continue to follow-up to ensure that the student needs are being addressed
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