New York fashionista jumps to her death from George Washington Bridge, leaving 'suicide diary'

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A budding fashionista jumped to her death from a New York bridge on what was supposed to be her 22nd birthday, leaving behind a designer handbag with a suicide note including a list of five girls she did not want to attend her funeral. Ashley Anne Riggitano leapt from George Washington Bridge at 4:40 p.m. yesterday into the Hudson River.

Her Louis Vuitton bag contained handwritten notes singling out the five people who had made her unhappy. 'All my other ‘friends’ are in it for gossip,' she wrote according to the New York Post. She also mentioned a man who she was not happy with, and although he was permitted to attend her funeral, she added that she hoped he 'gets what he deserves' when he gets there.

The newspaper reported that Miss Riggitano may have had a history of problems and tried to commit suicide at least once before. Medication, including Adderall and Klonopin, was found in her bag, according to sources.

Adderall is used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or narcolepsy, while Klonopin is used to control seizures in epilepsy and for the treatment of panic disorder. The newspaper reported that the people referred to in the notes appeared to be friends from college or work and that Miss Riggitano may have been bullied by her fashion friends. Miss Riggitano had been working as intern for the New York-based jewelry and fashion designer Alex Woo.

She started her own business, called Missfits, where she hand crafted jewelry made out of semi precious gemstones with her best friend Victoria Van Thunen. The company has been raising money for a young Bergen County boy named Nico who is battling cancer. On her company's Facebook page in the 'About Me' section she wrote:

'My name is Ashley Riggitano or those who know me know I go by Ashley Anne. I am originally from Bergen county NJ but have moved on to downtown Manhattan. I study fashion merchandising at Lim College. I have always had a strong passion for fashion especially jewelry.'

'Even when I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to be a designer. I always had the desire to start up a jewelry line and what way better than to start it with my best friend and partner Victoria.' She adds that she is 'Creative, Wild, carefree, loves the color pink, the beach, and skinny vanilla latte.' Her Facebook relationship status lists her as ‘single’

The budding designer graduated from Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM in Manhattan this year. She had interned at some high-profile fashion companies including Tommy Hilfiger and Nicole Miller, according to her LinkedIn profile. On Thursday, LIM issued a brief statement to MailOnline which read in part: 'The entire LIM College community is saddened by the loss of Ashley. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family during this difficult time.' LIM spokesperson Meredith Finnin has declined to comment on allegations of bullying or reveal any details from Riggitano's academic career at the school.

Her family in Paramus, NJ, have not commented on her death yet. Miss Van Thunen wrote on her Facebook page yesterday: ‘Those who incessantly blame others as the cause of their issues should perhaps take a step back and reevaluate these situations. The common thread may be that “they” aren’t the problem, but rather that YOU are.’






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