The 2010-2011 Nets vs 2010-2011 Knicks

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They didnt get no big names but its not that bad. They also didnt over pay bosh,joe johnson,boozer,lee,amare,gay all of them are getting paid the same as or more than durant and none are anywhere near as good as him. Back to my nets they picked up outlaw, and johan petro so far offered morrow a contract hopefully the warriors dont match and they are still going after haslem and scola. They still need a back up pg not sure who theyre looking right now. They got williams who i think theyre trying to use as a combo guard hes been killing summer league like hes suppose to. I think the nets can make some noise this season

Right now the lineup looks like this
Favors( But if they get haslem or scola they will start)

with morrow,lee,outlaw,petro,humphries

Its a solid team everyone said they lost this offseason i dont think so sure they didnt make a giant splash but they got some nice pieces


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