The Kanye West Appreciation Thread

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What's your favorite yea track?

I didn't realize till recently how many ye track i actually liked, and thought was GOATS. i made this thread to look back at some of the dopest track ye has made so far.

before i go any further, i got to admit im a fan of ye's older track. when he talked about real shit, when his music had feeling. the more recent joints i just don't feel, it's either Illuminati or cars, money bitches.

my favorites, are his verse from swagger like us, drive slow, stay up (viagra),chain heavy, lord, lord, lord, flashing lights, drive slow, through the wire, big brother, barry bonds, champion, primetime.

most of his music till graduation i liked, graduation was the best, the 808's & heartbreak album was the worst IMO.

and still people forget ye was/is one of the best producers in the game.

ye mix.

Tracklist: Up to date of latest single: White Dress
01. Intro
02. Primetime
03. Hell of A Life
04. GM Cypher
05. God Flow
06. Monster
07. Gettin It In
08. Get Em High
09. In The Mood
10. Birthday
11. Deuces
12. Don't Look Down
13. Superluva
14. Tell Me When To Go
15. Digital Girl
16. Wouldn't Get Far
17. Swagger Like Us
18. Theraflu
19. Mercy
20. Don't Like
21. I Wish You Would
22. HAM
23. So Appalled
24. Forever
25. Marvin And Chardonnay
26. Blazin
27. Mayback Music 2
28. Live Fast Die Young
29. Diamonds
30. Amen
31. Wylin' Cause I'm Young
32. Higher
33. Still Dreaming
34. Classic
35. Champion
36. Impossible
37. Drink And My 2 Step
38. Take One For The Team
39. Christian Dior Flow
40. The Morning
41. Clique
42. Can't Tell Me Nothin'
43. Put On
44. Power (Remix)
45. Start It Up
46. Don't Stop
47. Run This Town
48. Lord Lord Lord
49. Chain Heavy
50. Glenwood
51. Barry Bonds
52. White Dress
53. SouthSide
54. Throw Some D's
55. Flute Flow
56. CRS
57. Stay Up
58. Ego
59. Confessions
60. Back Like That
61. Therapy
62. Flight School
63. Flashing Lights
64. You Don't Know

and we cant forget ye wilin out.


The Kanye West Appreciation Thread

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