Are GRAPHICS important to you as gamer?

Karl.Karl. Posts: 7,747 ✭✭✭✭✭
I see a lot of people saying "This review is shit, all they talk about is the pretty graphics! It should be all about gameplay".

I, however have turned into a bit of a video game snob. Probably one of the main reasons I'm not enjoying the Vita so much. I do like Rayman which is bold, bright and beautiful but I couldn't enjoy assassins creed because genocidecutter is a fag and its just not up to the standards of the other AC titles graphics-wise. Also was my main problem with GTA IV which was grey as fuck.

If you make a game for a console with and OLED screen or made for Blu ray and HD they should be up to that gold standard and it pisses me off when it's not.


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