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Lil Wayne in his Prime Would Eat Fabolous's Lunch

yungflashyyungflashy Posts: 937 ✭✭✭✭
edited February 2013 in The Reason
Some of y'all niggas dick ride fab a lil too hard on here

Wayne got this nigga on every technical aspect of rapping especially delivery; fab always brings the same exact energy to every track sounding like he just drank a bottle of N'Quil

Which of fabs mixtapes can stand up to dedication 1 and 2 ? The drought series ? The suffix and the prefix ? Which of fabs albums can stand up to carter 1 and carter 2 ?

and y'all always talk about rappers having to rap about something on a track that's meaningful what has fab rapped about that's meaningful ? Wayne has covered many topics in his career beyond just boasting and bragging. Tell me wayne raps about nothin I'll prove you wrong right here and we can go verse for verse

Fuck outta here wayne is above fab thats why that nigga has always been in the background ol undertaker I only pop up and drop tracks when I feel like it ass nigga. Wayne is a better artist than this nigga

And if you a bitch ass nigga that fuck your mom hit the nosign, feelings, and flag button idgaf

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