Ladies...come and explain yourselves

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nigga is speaking real truth. A couple of excerpts:

What men ultimately have to choose from is a field of highly promiscuous women with no sort of loyalty and brings nothing more to the table than what’s between her legs– which she is already sharing with tons of men outside of a relationship. On the other hand, you get a whole load of liabilities on your plate as well as the real risk of losing a lot of the wealth you accumulated prior to meeting her.

Now, when you get a woman, what advantage do you really gain? So many women are going to give that thing up to a man they met within a week or month and even without a relationship. It could just be a dude she found attractive while she was out. And the crazy thing is that while she’s doing that, she will deal with some other guy who she wants something longer term with because that dude will allow himself to be used as her emotional and financial sponge, and she will play the whole celibate, waiting game with him while she’s letting some other guy blaze it out in the background.

You have to show her this mystical right amount of attention or else you’re being neglectful, which prompted her to cheat. If you show her too much attention, you were boring and smothering her, which caused her to cheat.

Now if she is down on her financial situation, you need to ‘be a man’ and step up and support the load until she gets on her feet. On the other hand, watch what happens if you lose your job and remain unemployed for months and ask her to carry the load for a while. You will become a ‘little boy’ in her mind real quick and she will probably leave you.

You don’t want to sign a pre-nup? You must be waiting for this relationship to fail. On the other hand, you better not make less than me because she won’t marry you.


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