Parents, if you found this what would you do?

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If you found a letter or facebook message from your childs bf or gf
and it was explicitly nasty and dirty....would you contact the childs parents to let them know what their child is up to after dealing with your own?

long story short...just got back from my cousins house. she was on her sons fb page and went thru his messages cause they girl hes messing with got kinda rude with her so shes building a case. she came across these messages that was real nasty. the chick is like 16, her son is 15. so she is planning on printing them out an giving them to her parents so they can know how they daughter is out there. she also is going to the police to file harassment charges. im still trying to find out what all happened but she going all in right now.

so what would yall do in a case like that


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