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Met Her on FB Had Her Naked The Same Night (Smash or Pass)

lookdudelookdude Posts: 16,646 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2013 in AllHipHop Daily News
she hit me up on FB saying she knew me, says she went to school with me. in my head i'm like idk this girl at all. anyways she looks fuckable so i got her number to "see if i remember her"

to make a long story shorter i knew for a fact the school she named i never attended but i just went along with it like there was a possibility. fast forward to we're texting and i ask her when is she gonna invite me over and she says right now is fine

at her apartment and she still thinks she went to school with me im like bish i don't know you at all; she's telling me all these stories about when she was a stripper and the funniest thing she says to me is that she's celibate (shaq face in my head) anyway one thing led to another and we're kissin on the couch and the rest is history

what do yall think ?


lil ratchet i know, but she a freak


Creepset Cuh !
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