Left my girl at the bus stop..I dont think i'm wrong at all..

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So last night i meet up with my girl at some bday party..she was drunk when i got there but she was enjoying herself so i let it be...

Shortly thereafter, she can barely walk straight or be still, so i was like are you ready to go home, she said naw she was cool, so i told her to stand up straight before she falls...she starts crying and shit and i'm tryin to figure out whats going on..she eventually throws up in the bar so i get her shit and we catch a cab

She then throws up in the cab, we get out i pay the guy double what it costs cuz i was about to uppercut this nigga..we at the bus stop cuz in Europe they have night buses, she's crying hysterically and yelling that she wanted to be left alone, i tell her walk so we can catch the bus...i walk down to the next stop, hop on the bus thinking she hopped on at the stop i left her at..well she didnt

She catches a taxi home, throws up some more, i get her a bucket and some water and she goes to bed, wake up this morning and she starts crying about how i left her...

I told her i'm not a fuckin babysitter, being drunk is ok, all that hysterical shit, i dont do or tolerate and it isnt the first time this shit has happened, last time i stuck it out with her and she still bitched about it, so this time i left her ass and dont feel bad about it at all...
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