My Top Ten RPG's On The PS1

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Lets face when comes to RPG's no system has better library then the PS1.


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    10. Wild Arms 2

    Released: April 30, 2000

    Although Released late the in PS1's lifetime this game sold poorly but sold just well enough to warrant a sequel(which is better BTW). The Wild Arms's series was over looked in the U.S and this game was no exception. The game starts with 3 characters Ashley, Lilka and Brad. As you progress through the game you gain two more characters( including 1 secret character). This game is best known for its fun and challenging puzzles. In the game many well require you use to each characters ability to get passed them.
    The battle system in this game is pretty much like most RPg's at the time. Two things that makes this game special. One unlike other rpg's you switch characters during battle and you use ability based on the your FP. Your Fp raises in battle by either attacking or being hit by an enemy. Chatterer progression is handle by skills shops located in the various towns in the game. Also Ashley and Brad can upgrade their ARMS.
    The two main problems with this game are the graphics and the awful English translation. The Graphics outside battles are decent the sprites nice but, Once in battle this game gets ugly pals in comparison to games like Chrono Cross. I would summarize the story but, The translation was so bad I couldn't understand what the hell was going on( Yes its Breath of Fire 2 bad).
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    8. Tales of Destiny

    Released:September 30, 1998
    Re-Released:January 31, 2008 from PS2 in japan only(Damn you Namco)

    The first tales game would would ever see here in america(Phantasia would later be released on the GBA in the year 2006). The game still uses the same Linear Motion Battle System as Phantasia does. Melee and ranged attacks are executed in real time, with spell casting requiring a chanting time that increases directly with the complexity of the spell being cast. This system make battles for more exciting then most RPG's at the time. This game also let you set pre-battle to your allies. The player controls one character directly at a time, but can switch to other characters and issue special attack or spell orders for any character on command using an in-battle menu system. This menu system enables the player to use items, spells, or special attacks on the fly in battle. Also, the menu system allows the use of general commands given to the entire party during battle, along with instant adjustment of previous strategy or formation orders.
    The story of the game begins when country-boy-turned-adventurer Stahn Aileron, who seeks fame and adventure, sneaks aboard the flying ship Draconis as a stowaway. He is found out by the crew and forced to work as a deckhand, but when a large hostile force attacks the ship, the crew is overwhelmed and Stahn breaks free during the ensuing chaos. Looking for a usable weapon to fend off the attackers, he gains access to a storeroom and discovers a "junk" sword. However, the sword starts talking to him, calling itself Dymlos and claiming to be a sentient Swordian from the Aeth'er Wars. Armed with Dymlos, Stahn fights his way to an escape pod, which he uses to escape the rapidly descending ship before it crashes into the ground.
    Dymlos becomes the key to the fame, fortune, and adventure Stahn seeks as the young man meets other Swordians, quickly becoming embroiled in a battle for a relic of the Aeth'er Wars: a huge, extremely powerful Lens called the Eye of Atamoni.
    BTW the USA version Tales of Destiny 2 is actually Tales of Eternia. The actually Tales of Destiny 2 was released on the PS2 only in japan(once again fuck you Namco)
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    LoD was an awful game, genocide.

    You of all people should know this.
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    where does brave fencer musashi fall on this list

    Never played. Is it any good?
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    They should have put Bart from Legend of Dragoon in PS Allstars

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    7. Final Fantasy 8
    Released: September 9, 1999

    Square had a big hit with Final Fantasy VII so they wasted no time with the sequel(As a matter they began making this game while they were translating Final Fantasy VII for its US release). The stars an orphan named Squall Lionhart who is 17 year old student at the Balamb Garden. Over the course of the game you meet other characters such as Quistis and Irvine.
    This game is known for its amazing graphics and FMV's. This game had a very high budget(So high its heavily rumored that Xenogears's budget was cut to fund this game).
    The battle system in this game has several differences from VII. For one by pressing R1 just before pressing you land an attack with Squall you can do extra damage. Also Spells are no longer learned but instead gain by junctioning. Junctioning system was love it or hate it ideal( I enjoyed it). What magic you can junction is based on the enemy you are facing. You can use spells junction to improved your character(Ex: Junction Full-Life to HP to make a character have more HP). Of course this all handle by having a GF or Guardian Force. Guardian Forces can also attack based on their element(my favorite is Doom Train). Characters also have access to limit breaks when their reaches low(I enjoy using Irvine's with Pulse rifle ammo).
    This also has a card mini game called Triple Triad. Triple Triad is played on a three-by-three (3x3) square grid of blank spaces, where cards will be placed as the game progresses. The cards depict various characters, monsters, and bosses from the game. It is completely optional but, many rare items can earned by using Quezacotl's Card Mod ability. You can get Squall's level 4 as early as disk 1 with the help this game as well.
    With so much depth this game can easily last up 40 hours
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    6. Grandia

    Released: September 30, 1999

    Originally released on the Sega Saturn in 1997 in Japan(Since the Saturn was financial failure here in the U.S). We wouldn't see a english release of the game until 1999. Even though this game came out weeks after Final Fantasy VIII it still manged to sell well.
    The story centers around Justin, an aspiring adventurer from Parm. He lives with his mother, Lilly, in their home in the upstairs floor of their family-owned restaurant. Justin's father vanished years ago on an adventure, and his mother is worried that he will try to follow in her late husband's footsteps, yet Justin, a romanticist, insists that there are still uncharted parts of the world, despite general perception that the "End of the World" — an insurmountable stone wall found on a newly discovered continent — has closed the book on the age of adventuring. Other characters include Sue, a friend from his town who acts as a surrogate sister to Justin; Feena, a seasoned adventurer and Justin's idol; Gadwin, a valiant knight who mentors Justin in the way of swordsmanship; Rapp, an ill-mannered youth from the village of Cafu; Milda, a feral giantess who, despite her volatile nature, has a sweet side, particularly for her husband; Guido, a traveling salesman and chieftain of a diminutive, rabbit-like clan called the Mogay; and Liete, a mysterious woman who contacts Justin inside the Sult Ruins. She resides in an ancient space station and serves as a living database of an ancient civilization.
    The game's main antagonist is General Baal, the calculating leader of the Garlyle Forces. Despite appearing to be involved in the excavation of ruins for purely philanthropic reasons, he has his own agenda. His son and second-in-command is Colonel Mullen, a tactician who is well liked by his subordinates. Alongside him is his aide-de-camp, Leen, a young soldier who has gained a special place in the military for reasons unknown. Nana, Saki, and Mio are three female commanders who are each assigned their own squadrons. Despite their best efforts, they often bungle important missions, particularly if Justin happens to be involved. Each one of them has a crush on Colonel Mullen and outwardly show their jealousy of Leen as a result.
    Unlike most JRPG's at the time battles are not random. Any monster you face can scene before hand. If you approach them up front neither you or the monster gets an advantage. If you approach them from behind you get the approach and so on. Battle system was also very innovative as well. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, I should introduce Grandia's battle system. At the bottom of the screen is a bar that has little markers for all your characters (and the enemy characters as well). Now, as time goes on your characters will move along this bar until they reach a special point, where they can input the command for what they're going to do. After choosing a command, the character will move from the command point to the “Act” point, at which point they will perform the action (or attempt to). Different actions take different amounts of time to go through. All of this takes place on a field that has free movement that you're characters will move about as they try to act and then get away from the enemy. Adding to the complexity are the two different types of normal attack, Combo and Critical. Combo allows you to do more damage (or even spread damage out to multiple enemies if they die before you run out of attacks), while critical, will push the enemy back farther along the gauge, and if you hit an enemy between the command and act parts of the gauge, you can cancel their turn altogether and move them WAY back the gauge. Toss in Mana Eggs (giving your characters magic), unique character special abilities (using their own special SP gauge), and equipable skills, and you have one of the best, if not the best RPG battle system ever. Also when characters attack they don't jump back they stay near the monster their attacking. You level up your magic based on how much you use them.
    Its no wonder this game was named 25 Games You Must Play in 1999
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    5. Chrono Cross
    Released: August 15, 2000

    As sequel to Chrono trigger you can imagine the hype behind this game. For the most part this game is a worthy successor to it.
    Many feature from the original appear in this game as well( such as no random encounters). The Element system of Chrono Cross handles all magic, consumable items, and character-specific abilities. Elements unleash magic effects upon the enemy or party and must be equipped for use, much like the materia of 1997's Final Fantasy VII. Elements can be purchased from shops or found in treasure chests littered throughout areas
    Story to this game made or broke the game to some people. Serge, the game's protagonist, is a 17-year-old boy with blue hair who lives in the fishing village of Arni. One day, he slips into an alternate world in which he drowned ten years before. Determined to find the truth behind the incident, he follows a predestined course that leads him to save the world. He is assisted by Kid, a feisty, skilled thief who seeks the mythical Frozen Flame. Portrayed as willful and tomboyish due to her rough, thieving past, she helps Serge sneak into Viper Manor. Kid was raised by Lucca as a child, and vows to find and defeat Lynx, an anthropomorphic panther who burned down Lucca's orphanage. A sadistic and cruel agent of the supercomputer FATE, Lynx is bent on finding Serge, with and succeeds in taking his body. He travels with Harle, a mysterious, playful girl dressed like a harlequin. Sent by the Dragon God to shadow Lynx and one day steal the Frozen Flame from Chronopolis, she painfully fulfills her duty though smitten with Serge. To this end, she helps Lynx manipulate the Acacia Dragoons, the powerful militia governing the islands of El Nido. As the Dragoons maintain order, they contend with Fargo, a former Dragoon turned pirate captain who holds a grudge against their leader, General Viper. Their home base, Viper Manor, is also infiltrated by Serge, Kid, and one of three characters—Nikki, a musician, Pierre, a hero-in-training, or Guile, a mysterious magician. Though tussling with Serge initially, the Acacia Dragoons—whose ranks include the fierce warriors Karsh, Zoah, Marcy, and Glenn—later assist him when the militaristic nation of Porre invades the archipelago. The invasion brings Norris and Grobyc to the islands, a heartful commander of an elite force and a prototype cyborg soldier, respectively. As they too seek the Frozen Flame, the plot unfolds amidst several other characters. The ending was heavily criticized.
    Theres a reason why this game got a 10/10 on gamespot
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  • I've been meaning to play Chrono Cross. Maybe I'll cop it once I clear some of my backlog.
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    4. Suikoden 1 and 2

    Released: 1-December 1996 2-September 29, 1999
    Released in Japan in 2006 for the PSP(damn you konami for not bring it to the U.S)

    The second RPG released for PS1 in the U.S. Suikoden stars a main character named Tir(or whatever you name him in the begining) the Son of Teo McDohl. The story centered around the 27 true runes(Tir has the soul eater). This games story also breaks ciltches found in JRPG's at the time and filled with many twist and turns.
    The battle in this game is standard affair, however unlike all other RPG's this game where you only get to play as a few characters this game features over 108 characters. Each character split in 3 sets S,M,L. S characters are frontline fighters such as Victor and Flik, M characters can used in both front or back row and L characters are best the back row. Weapon upgrading is handle by blacksmith and Magic upgrade are handled by rune shops. Because many different combination of parties you can have it is a crime to not play this game more then once( As a matter of fact it is the only RPG I have beaten 3 times).
    My complaints are the game is rather short and the games difficulty curve. The Zombie Dragon is harder than the final boss.
    Three years later we would see a sequel. Suikoden 2 takes years after the first game. The game begins with the Hero and his childhood friend Jowy Atreides working together as members of the youth division of the Highland Army. Luca Blight, the prince of Highland, and Captain Rowd, the Hero’s commanding officer, orchestrate the slaughter of Hero's and Jowy's unit and blame it on the neighboring city-state of Jowston, giving the prince an excuse to invade Jowston. The Hero and Jowy escape the slaughter by jumping off a cliff into a river. The stroy to this easily one the best stories ever written for an RPG.
    The gameplay is pretty much the same as the first one except now you can switch party members during battle. Also unites attacks were tone down in this due to being broken in the first one. Weapon growth and magic growth the same in this game too however many characters can 2 or 3 runes equipped to them at a time now( as opposed to just one in Suikoden). This unfortunately breaks the games.
    While the story is fantastic the translation is rather bad. Joey named is often spelled as "Joei" and some text wasn't even translated at all. Plus the difficulty curve still messed up as many of the first bosses are much harder than the final bosses. Konami tried remedy this by reducing the amount of powerful unite attacks and more runes however that just made the game even more broken( give Killey a Double beat/Double Strike/Fury Runes and watch him turn anything to shreds). Also this game has many bugs in it as well (all have been thanks to this
    Saldy Suikoden 2 saw a limited print here in the U.S and even used copy of this game can cost up to $150.
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    3. Final Fantasy VII
    Released: September 7, 1997

    I not gonna do a big write game as it is the game that started it all. Just play it
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    2. Final Fantasy Tactics
    Released: January 28, 1998
    Released:September 17, 2009
    I love people argue about whats the best Final Fantasy game on the PS1 and completely ignore this game. This game easily more fun than 7, 8, and 9.
    The gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics differs in several key areas from other titles in the Final Fantasy series. Instead of a generic battle screen, with the player's characters on one side and the enemies on the other, encounters take place on three-dimensional, isometric fields. Characters move on a battlefield composed of square tiles; movement and action ranges are determined by the character's statistics and job class. Battles are turn-based; a unit may act when its CT (Charge Time) reaches 100. Charge time is increased once every CT unit (a measure of time in battles) by an amount equal to the unit's speed statistic. When CT reaches 100 or greater, the unit may act. During battle, whenever a unit performs an action successfully, it gains Experience Points (EXP) and Job Points (JP).
    Final Fantasy Tactics begins with Ivalice just recovering from the Fifty Year War against Ordalia. The power vacuum caused by the death of its ruler, King Omdoria, soon sparks another conflict. Princess Ovelia and the younger Prince Orinas are both candidates to the throne, with the former supported by Prince Goltana of the Black Lion, and the latter by Queen Ruvelia and her brother, Prince Larg of the White Lion. This erupts into a full-scale war known as the "Lion War", with either side using whatever means possible to secure their place in the throne. This includes bearing an illegitimate child, killing other possible heirs, betrayal, assassination and false identities.
    Throughout the game, nobles regard commoners and peasants as animals, and many commoners try to take revenge on the nobles, who abandoned them after the war. Most joined the so-called Death Corps to fight against the nobles' soldiers, and many die in vain. Ramza, part of the noble Beoulve family of knights, and Delita, his childhood friend who was an ordinary commoner, are witnesses to this phenomenon. Events such as meeting an arrogant noble named Algus, as well as the negligent killing of Delita's sister Teta during an uprising, cause Delita and Ramza to abandon the nobility, both going separate ways.
    Ramza joins a mercenary group, led by Gafgarion, who protects Princess Ovelia from being hunted by both sides. Delita joins Prince Goltana's forces to rise up through the ranks and gain control over his own destiny. Ramza and Delita are reunited when Gafgarion attempts to take Ovelia to Prince Larg, though this proves futile. Agrias suggests visiting Cardinal Draclau of the Glabados Church to protect Ovelia, while Delita continues to work in the shadows, working with multiple sides to realize his ambitions. Along the way to Lionel Castle, Ramza meets Mustadio, a machinist in possession of a holy relic called the Zodiac Stone. Hunted by a trading company for the power it contains, Mustadio also seeks Draclau's intervention.
    However, soon after the encounter with Cardinal Draclau, Ramza discovers that an elaborate plot was set by the Murond Glabados Church. In their desire to control Ivalice, the Church, particularly the High Priest, Marge Funeral, uses the legend of the so-called holy Zodiac Braves to gather the Zodiac Stones, and fuels the Lion War between Larg and Goltana. To stave off Ramza's interference, Draclau uses the stone to transform into a legendary Lucavi demon, and Ramza has no choice but to slay him/it. As a result, Ramza is regarded a heretic of the Church, and he is approached by the Heretic Examiner Zalmo at Lesalia Imperial Capital.
    While noble in name, the Beoulve family is susceptible to corruption, due to ambition. Dycedarg, the eldest sibling, conspires with Larg and the Church to ensure that the Beoulve family remains in power. However, his younger brother Zalbag is unaware of his dealings. Alma, Ramza's younger sister, remains in church, unaffected by the situation until Ramza is branded a heretic in front of her. Ramza seeks to rescue her after her capture while helping Ramza escape the Heresy Examiners. Only Ramza and Alma share their father's sense of justice.
    Ramza is chased throughout the story by the Shrine Knights, the soldiers of the Church who are hunting the Zodiac Stones, although he gains allies, either by saving their lives, or by showing them the truth. Some individuals with knowledge of the Zodiac Stones attempt to conspire with the Shrine Knights for its power, though most fail. Ramza also acquires proof of the Church's lies about Saint Ajora, a central figure in the religion, and attempts to use it along with the Zodiac Stone to reveal the organization's plot.
    During the course of the story, the two sides face off in a major battle that sees the deaths of many soldiers, including their leaders Larg and Goltana. Ramza manages to stop the bloodshed from continuing and rescues the general Cidolfas Orlandu, though the Church succeeds in eliminating the two Lions to secure its power over Ivalice. Deeper into the story, Ramza discovers that the Shrine Knights are in reality Lucavi, and the real conspirators behind the Church's plot. The Lucavi are seeking to resurrect their leader Altima, who in the past was Saint Ajora, and they need much bloodshed and a suitable body to complete the resurrection. Alma is to serve as the host for Altima's incarnation.While racing off to find her, Ramza encounters Dycedarg - now a Lucavi demon - and witnesses Zalbag's death. Zalbag is then risen and converted into an undead servant, and frequently begs for death during the encounter.
    At the end of the story, though Altima is resurrected, Ramza and his allies succeed in destroying her. Their final fates are unknown. Delita marries Ovelia and becomes the King of Ivalice. However, he fails to find true satisfaction as even Ovelia distrusts him, leading her to stab Delita, apparently resulting in Delita's death shortly after the end of the story. Ovelia in turn is stabbed by the agonizing Delita and dies. Olan Durai, a witness who had many encounters with Ramza, attempts to reveal the Church's evil plot with the "Durai Report." However, his papers are confiscated and he is burned at the stake for heresy.] The story ends many years later with the historian Alazlam J. Durai intent on revealing the truth of the Lion War and the Durai Report.
    I hope Square makes a sequel to this game one day
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    If FF7 is not number one then I don't know what could be?
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    FF7 is not even top 3.

    He gonna say either Xenogears or FF9
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    Did this juggalo weirdo really type up all these damn titangraphs?
    Thank god he stopped spamming "The Reason" with his bullshit.
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    Yamoley wrote: »
    Did this juggalo weirdo really type up all these damn titangraphs?
    Thank god he stopped spamming "The Reason" with his bullshit.

    Hatin ass nigga

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    1. Xenogears
    Released:October 20, 1998
    Re-released:February 22, 2011
    The true best RPG on the PS1. Any who says Final Fantasy VII is the best obviously never played Xenogears. Better story check, better OST, check, Better battle system checkX10. Serouisly go on PSN and buy this game now.
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    post xenogears already...

    How'd you know I gonna have Xenogears as number 1?
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