Was I Wrong? Part 2

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so me and my homeboy been trappin all weekend and today was his daughters 5th birthday and they had a lil party at his house

everybody there, his babymomma family mostly, my homeboy, his brotha and me

the party started its all cool and everything, we got our smokin corner on the other side of the house, everything goin all cool the kids in the bouncy shit, the females one side on that messy shit, we hear em talkin bout everybody, and the older mothafuckas gettin drunk and shit, you kno a regular ghetto ass party

everybody get together to sing happy birthday and all that, and now its time to cut the cake

they left the knife in the house, so my homeboy ( whose daughters party it was) pull out a knife out his pocket

like i said before we been trappin all weekend...............

when he pull it out its obvious it got crack residue on it, i see it, his brotha see it, we look at each other like "i kno this stupid nigga bout to do it and its bout to go down " and while im laughin on the inside, this stupid mothafucka reach and just cut the cake and try to pass it to his daughter

all hell broke loose after that, at first it was silent cause his babymomma was on some "wtf is this shit on the cake" then she just eached up and punched him dead in his shit, he fall over the table knockin cake and juice everywhere, the kids start crying and all i hear is her homegirls "woop his ass tweet, woop his ass" im dyin laughin cause beatin his ass and her grandaddy got a bible yellin "that aint nothin but the devil, NOTHIN BUT THE DEVIL"

then he get up and knock her ass out, and her homegirls jump in and start woopin his ass in the back yard, beatin him out his clothes while the family watchin, includin me......while he gettin his ass wooped his baymomma uncle come up to me on some "yall should be ashamed of yoself, sellin that stuff, i got 60 dollars, where the dope at?"

so me and his brotha go to the car to hit that lick and he come runnin to the car, in his boxers with his pants down cussin at us and shit talkin bout why we aint get the hoes off of him

i told him he kinda deserved it and that just got him more mad, it was his car and he aint even want us to ride with him no more, we couldnt stop laughin at his stupid ass so he dropped us off up the street

was i wrong for not helpin him when he was gettin his ass beat by them hoes?

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