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Kotaku: We know all about the new XBOX

edited February 2013 in The Arcade

so basically....

Mandatory Kinect, and must be on every time you want to use the system
Mandatory Internet Connection, and must be on every time you want to use the system

So Microsoft gets 24/7 access to your living room through the Kinect camera. Talk about creepy. I wonder if hackers will be able to spy on others with this.

sounds fucked up.... and MS is going kinect-heavy this generation.
Perhaps most importantly, this isn't an optional accessory. It's mandatory. Not only does a Kinect ship with every console, but it must be plugged in and calibrated for the console to even function.

Games will require installs.
A point of confusion during the lifetime of the Xbox 360, and one of consternation for developers, was the way in which Microsoft split the install base of the machine, selling some consoles with a hard drive and others without. This meant games could not be programmed to specifically take advantage of a hard drive installation.

That divide is gone this time around, with all Durango retail consoles shipping with an HDD. That drive is 500GB in size, which should be enough for your media storage needs, but it'll mostly be used for games, which must now be installed immediately upon first insertion of the game disc.

What's more, this installation can take place automatically, while you're playing the game. Durango titles can be designed in "sections," so that you can pop your disc in, start playing and, in the background, the rest of the game will install. Installing games should bring performance improvements, we think, but doing so in the background should also get rid of pre-game install waits, one of the more annoying hold-ups of the current generation of consoles.

Durango game installations will also be mandatory, as games can't directly access data from the disc

seems like they're going backwards next gen.



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