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Drake meets the Carter-Knowles'

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Drake: "Hey Beyonce. Hey Jay. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and good luck tonight. I'm a HUGE fan!"
Jay-Z: (I wonder what they're serving on that platter over there)
Beyonce: "Ohhhhh....hiiiiiii.....nice to see you. (Not him again)

Drake: "I just wanted to thank you for that feature you did on my first album. Maybe we can work together on my new album too"
Jay-Z: "mmm hmm. sure....whatever"
Beyonce: (uh oh...husband isn't giving a shit while cameras are on us...time to save face)

Beyonce: "Well....i'm sure that Jay will get in touch with your people as soon as he gets a chance. He'd love to work with you."
Jay-Z: (This bitch is cray...why is she saying that when she knows i'd rather make a call and have his work visa revoked than do another verse with him)
Drake: "mm hmm" (*Crying on the inside and holding back tears*)

Drake: "Katy, will you hold me in your arms? I need a good cry right now"
Katy Perry: (Why is he bothering me? Beyonce and Jay-Z just called me over to talk)
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