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This shit trending on Twitter.

#IfRapWasHighSchool Drake would always be in the counselor's office

#IfRapWasHighSchool Rick Ross would be the guy you have to wait on to finish the mile at PE

#ifrapwashighschool gucci mane would volunteer to read and struggle all the way through the paragraph .

#IfRapWasHighSchool Birdman would be the guy who graduated 5 years ago but still hangs out at the school parking lot rubbing his hand.

#IfRapWasHighSchool Kanye would cut off a student "like ima let you finish and all but Taylor the right answer is x = 23"

#ifrapwashighschool Lupe Fiasco would be the kid who always uses the '"its cuz I'm black" line to the teacher

#IfRapWasHighSchool Waka Flocka would be that kid that don't understand the concept "inside voice"

#IfRapWasHighSchool 2chainz would be 21 as a freshman

#IfRapWasHighSchool Rick Ross would be that kid that ask to go to the restroom and return with food from the cafeteria

#IfRapWasHighSchool 2 Chainz would be leading the Student Section in cheers at all the games!
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