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LL Cool J's wife wouldn't talk to him for two weeks after the 'Doin' It' video

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Ll Cool J's wife refused to talk to the rapper for two weeks after the release of his Doin It music video, because she was so offended by the sexually explicit content.

The hip-hop star, real name James Todd Smith, shot the promotional video, in which he gets intimate with scantily-clad models, in December, 1995 - just four months after he and Simone Johnson exchanged vows, and his new bride was far from happy with what she saw.

During an appearance on U.S chat show Oprah's Next Chapter, which aired in America on Sunday (27Jan13), she said, "At the beginning of our marriage he was Ladies Love Cool J and he did this video called Doin It... I remember the girl licking him on the side of his face... and I just remember we came home from our honeymoon and Todd pops the video in and I'm like, 'What the hell is this?' And she's crawling on her legs and what not...

"I didn't talk to him for two weeks. I was mad. I was so upset over that video. Because I just felt like, 'You know what, we're married. I understand you're a sex symbol and yes you're sexy - that's one of the reasons why I married you because you're sexy - but at the same time, now that we're married, there should be some limitations.'"
Since then the Grammy winner has toned down his video shoots, and the mother of four insists their faith and respect for one another is the thing that keeps their marriage strong: "(The key is) putting God first, we both come from a spiritual background. A lot of compromise. Picking your battles. Respecting each other... We have a special bond, equally yolked."
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