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NBA sleeved uniforms: Golden State Warriors to play with sleeved uniforms soon

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NBA Golden State Warriors

NBA sleeved uniforms could be the next big thing if fans like what the Golden State Warriors are doing. The uniforms for the Warriors will present an entirely new look and possibly something that could sell well. According to a report from Monday (Feb. 11), the Warriors will wear them for the first time against the San Antonio Spurs on Feb. 22. Though the reactions are mixed right now, that game should dictate whether this idea is considered a success.

This new jersey idea is from Adidas and is just in time for a nationally televised game. It certainly doesn't hurt that the team is playing a lot better this season as well, because a new product like this might not do as well for the Charlotte Bobcats. ESPN is covering the Feb. 22 game live, so it is going to also be interesting to see if fans tune in from other teams just to see what these uniforms look like in action.

The new NBA sleeved uniforms will also be worn by the Golden State Warriors on March 8 against the Houston Rockets and March 15 against the Chicago Bulls. Calling it "the next phase in the evolution of basketball apparel," the new uniforms are also reportedly 26 percent lighter than previous versions. It also advertises stretch fabric and a moisture-absorbing feature that might be perfect for the ever-sweating NBA stars.

The question of whether sleeves are to be considered a good option for NBA players is about to be answered.





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