Who is the queen of pop?

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Who is the queen of pop?

Whitney vs Mariah vs Janet vs Madonna?

Who is the "Queen of Pop" out of these four? 2 votes

100% 2 votes
Whitney Houston
0% 0 votes


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    ^Sorry my computer froze and then poll messed up once it unfroze... but the question is: who is the queen of pop?

    Whitney vs Mariah vs. Madonna vs. Janet?

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    ^Thanks. Buy my only argument is that they each have ruled pop (and yes, r&b) charts through their careers. And though they each make pop/r&b and even soul music, they can be considered pop and all have been even been mention by such titles in the past. But I get what you are saying.

    Thanks again.
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    Madonna and its not even close
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    Ayumi Hamasaki
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    lol @ Mariah and Whitney being pop...they've exceeded even being put in a genre.

    Madonna wins this, followed by Britney.

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    RIP Amy Winehouse
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    i think, at least, in terms of popularity, it's between these two

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    I'm gonna go with 620328860. I was really feeling her debut.
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    Janet was and is the Queen of Pop
    Whitney wasn't pop, she was R&B and Madonna was just weird.
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    I'd say Janet, but I understand if someone says Madonna. Beyonce is better than both, but longevity and consistently selling millions of cd's and international acclaim have to account for something. Janet can't sing but she danced her ass off for 25 years. Madonna can't really dance (tho she tries) but she had a following out this world and introduced that sex appeal to a different level. Mariah can be one of the baddest singers ever but doesn't dance and can't. Whitney was probably one of the best singers in the world till she ruined her voice. She also could never dance. I gotta say to be the queen of pop and liken it to the King you have to be able to sing and dance.
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    I actually might go back to Tina Turner. Way before my day, but when it came to singing and dancing and international impact she was ahead of them all; and the mere fact we all still know who she is, especially during a time when women had a hard time in the world, speaks for the Queen. I'm a ride with Tina Turner, Janet Jackson (though Beyonce in a few more years can take her spot), Madonna, Mariah (Only over Whitney due to longevity), Whitney
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