If BIG was still alive....do u think him & JAY-Z would still be down with each other?

lethal5lethal5 Posts: 558 ✭✭✭✭
Lets face it, Rap niggas have a loooooooooong history of turning on each other (Epmd, Eric b & Rakim, BDP, LONS, Cube & NWA, Wu-tang, Big & Pac, etc etc etc).

I think if BIG was still King of NY, it would only be a matter of time b4 Jay (being the competitive dude he is), sent a slick lil subliminal BIG's way. BIG would send one back.....and b4 u know it, an all out lyrical war would break out between them.

Thats just my opinion..............What y'all think?


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