Curt Hening appreciation thread

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Exactly two days ago and a decade ago he was found dead in his hotel.
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    Mr. Perfect the GOAT. Master at selling and taking bumps but his mic skills were unparalleled in the 80s and 90s dude would take those 20-30 second promo spots and put himself way over the top. One of the greatest IC champions of all time. Sadly he came along during the Hogan-Warrior days and never got that big title run but the IC title was huge back then so I guess it works itself out.

    He brought the best out of everybody he worked with, even Hogan. That SummerSlam '92 match with Bret is one of the best matches I've ever seen, and probably the best IC title match ever.


    Dude did more in seconds than these cats do in 10 minutes.

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    his over the top bumps always still seemed legit and authentic....and the work he did with a bad back was better than most at 100%....simply....perfect
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    His entrance one of the goats
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    Mr perfect posts on the ic under the alias ms southern
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    Mr. perfect was a great worker. At times he'd go over board selling a move like a young dolf zigler did but he pulled it back just in time. He'd have these promos where he'd film himself being perfect in other sports too like he'd hit 20 home runs in a row, dunk a basketball, or throw a touchdown pass to himself. I still catch myself trying to do his gum thing where he spits it out and swats it away in mid air. Easily one of the goats.
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    Dope tribute Macho man made for him before he did
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    Curt had one of the GOAT swerves when he joined the Horseman only to betray them and slam the cage door on Flair's skull, i dont think nobody saw that coming. That match with Bret Hart was a technical clinic
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    one of the underrated GOATS.. swag and technical skills.... He Bret Hart Razor Ramon/ and Kurt Angle are my favs

    perfect plex and his promos>>>>>>
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    Only guy that could play heel yet be respected by fans.....until Austin came along....he wasnt face or heel, he was just himself and straight authentic, had to respect that....shame the way he went out, had so much to still offer
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    I still spit my gum out like mr perfect
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    I always thought he should have got that push Bret Hart eventually got.

    That Summerslam '92 match for the IC maybe the best match I've ever seen it right there with that Wrestlemania Savage Steamboat match Henning and Hart put on a wrestling clinic.

    He held that IC title when it actually meant something now that title is just a bone they throw to the mid carders they may or may not put over.

    He'd be more of a household mainstream name if wrestled in this area.
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    Henning should have been pushed as Bret's top opponent after Flair & Hogan decided to leave. I know he was hurt but he was also starting his comeback and his face push. Its even more bizarre because Henning in many respects is better than Bret. Better promo, better look, more athletic, and the technique is fairly similar. Just. A huge wasted opportunity.

    Bret could have been wrestling Henning, Savage & DiBiase in main events but noooooooo, we got fucking Yokozuna and the occasional Shawn Michaels match, then they took the belt from Bret and pushed Luger as top face...smh 'gusting.
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    I still spit my gum out like mr perfect

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