Who was supposed to be on that song?

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I got the idea for this thread while reading this....
Inspectah Deck: Well I can tell you that I went to LA with Meth and Red. Meth and Red were going to meet up with Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound so we went over there and got the Maiden on. Snoop kicked my ass in Iron Maiden, Kurupt and Daz were there, just hanging out, Lady of Rage came over, even RBX , ... there was a few people over there and we were about to get it in, you know, I was the uninvited guest, I just happened to be there, Meth and Red were actually there to do the song with Daz & Kurupt and being that I was there I was able to get involved with it. Daz made the beat in a hot 15 minutes, Kurupt rolled up some of that sticky. We were just in there having fun and next thing I know, Daz was like: ” Yo, Deck you got something?” I had a verse on hand that actually suited the beat so I went in. From what I understand right after that happened, Pac got signed to Deathrow and he had come over and he heard the song and he wanted to get it from Daz. From what I heard, when Pac got the song, The Lady of Rage got taken off, RBX got taken off and I supposedly also got taken off. But instead of them taking off my verse, they left the adlibs so I don’t know if that was done on purpose or not, all I know is that I recorded a song with Daz and next thing I know 2Pac had it. Some people say he Debo’ed it, some people say Daz gave it to him, ... I can’t call it. For the most part man, I am just happy they left my adlibs there because people know that I was there. It’s not like it was a typo or something, I was actually there in the house when that was being recorded. It’s just that my verse didn’t make it on there somehow, who knows but hey, I’m still there, you hear “INS The Rebel” loud and clear .



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