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Raising the minimum wage to $9

7figz7figz Still don’t nothing move but the moneyPosts: 15,053 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2013 in For The Grown & Sexy
To all the IC economists out there...

Obama (in his SOTU) mentioned raising the minimum wage to $9 hr and since then, I've seen people on both sides of the argument making their point. Some working those minimum wage jobs and looking forward to a raise, while critics say more people would be fired, businesses wouldn't be able to afford it, or that everything else would go up in tandem (inflation).

What do you think ?

Raising the minimum wage to $9 50 votes

Yes, it would help.
bobbydrake2006dwade206rooster_cogburnPurrDarthRozayredhandedbanditilledoutShizlanskyCrude_TheBoyRonumbaz...80's baby[Deleted User]FyHunnitWhoisDonG???desertrain10PiffyHazeOsirus_JenkinsHyenaKillaJ. WillBookworm 23 votes
No, it would just raise the cost of living.
nawledge_godblakfyahkingwillhustleUnderMiSensibscoopcaddo manKing EraunoIdiopathic JokerAjackson17StoneColdMikeygoldenjaYoung_ChitlinTheRicanKingTurfaholicAristo_V300CashmoneyDuxHigh RevolutionaryG.AvantMrSoutCityLord_Hades_08 27 votes


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