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American Gangster vs The Black Album.. which album is the better album?..

DMTxTHCDMTxTHC Posts: 14,218 ✭✭✭✭✭
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The Black Album: released November 14, 2003..


Change Clothes..

Dirt Off Your Shoulder..

99 Problems..

American Gangster: released November 6th 2007..


Blue Magic..

Roc Boys..

I Know..


Both albums were released at almost exactly 4 years from each other.. TBA is probably his most memorable album being that he claimed he was gonna retire after TBA, and the release of Fade to Black definitely increased the allure of the album.. whereas the concept-driven album AG is generally considered his best post-retirement album..

So I ask, which album do ya'll think is better?..

American Gangster vs The Black Album.. which album is the better album?.. 109 votes

American Gangster.
will grimeysouthernmadegeorgia boiwhite715S2Jmiamivice305real_hh_repdetcatinvafortyacrespower_wisdomj020cnillerthekidTHE_R_hauteHustleThaDonStewilledoutboss jayGlockLesnar franknitti 47 votes
The Black Album.
mohamedeternal soldiermiami cane1of1dontdiedontkillanyonsapp08_2001nawledge_godstupot0607almighty breeze5th Letterdouble0sugenex ginscog81GhostdenithegawdR.D.coltonCJunspoken_respectPanchoYoSanchoiKingGodGivBiz 62 votes



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