GOAT/WOAT Valentines Day Stories....

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Have any stories on this made up ass holiday that your girl craves every year? Ever break up with shorty or fuck her on top of the Empire State bldg? Please share.
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    my wife gets mad every year because i don't get her nothing and tell her wtf i look like giving somebody else gifts on my birthday

    She can't even be mad at that LOL. Happy B-Day my brotha!

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    Chick bit my lip cause i was late picking her up from school and all around her were chicks with flowers and their men ( i came empty handed).

    I tried to appologize and move forward by saying " You can let it all out on me, so we can enjoy the rest of the day" She leaned in and bit my bottom lip, then ignored me on the trip home ( i still took her uptown like a simp)
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    Bought my ex piece a big ass bear and candy last year, she surprised me at work wit a basket of candy and a made a giant heart out of those candy hearts on the hood of my car pretty coo
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    Lady_Zee wrote: »
    I have never received a Valentine's card bar one my Mum and Dad sent me when I was 11 because I was upset about not receiving one due to being a fat, facially challenged kid, lol.

    So I'm guessing you still don't receive Valentine gifts then
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    Yea i was doin young nigga shit lol.
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    You bitch niggas is feeling the effects of bring friend zoned

    If you can't get pussy today that speaks volumes about your man hood even these dyke hoes freefuckin today
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    lol at purple gloves

    who he thought you was, one of the dreamgirls lol
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    I think my worst valentine's day is in progress
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    dont really have any stories either way...

    in the past, i usually use this day as a an excuse to hit it raw
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    GOAT= anything involving getting pussy, head, or alot of money
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    I did this Valentines Day thing one time. Went all out and had a good time but never again.
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