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I'm Bout To Go Rambro On These Crackas Outchea

G.AvantG.Avant The Ville where we chillPosts: 4,336 ✭✭✭✭✭
A nigga is out here at UF tryin to get an edumacation and these white folk out here are racist as fuck. I done already heard the stories so I'm not really shocked, but I'm about to start trolling these mufuckas.

This white woman out here just tried to not let me go to the bathroom like they got Jim Crow laws in this bitch or something. Walked right past her old ass and then later a security guard gonna look into my class and shit and then walk off. I thought she had called security on my ass smh. I'm thinking about showing up in that bitch with straight camo on Monday lol
Ajackson172 Drawlz


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