Do you think 'poor' people deserve to be poor?

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I realized that a lot of people I know who are not doing too well financially make dumb ass decisions all the time. They spend their money on unnecessary liabilities, waste their time on facebook/twitter, spend hours at bars/clubs/barbershops, and ultimately just waste their most valuable resource: time.

I see so many people wasting their time doing things that do not produce income that I am starting to think a lot of people deserve to be poor if they act like this. Kids my age in my courses are more focused on socializing than on putting money in their bank accounts. A lot of these kids support communist ideology too, and it's just like "dude, get a fucking job. Your communist mentality just seems like a way to have your lazy behavior rewarded by the government".

Am I off base here or is there some truth to this?

Do you think 'poor' people deserve to be poor? 32 votes

WRONG! You are a calloused, capitalist ass hole
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You are absolutely right. The poor are poor because of themselves, not anyone else.
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