Black History Specialist Aaron Johnson: Harry Belefonte was right about Jay-Z.

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INB4 the ADHD muthafuckas "I ain't reading all that shit" the bolded red....pure ether.

The overall direction or lack thereof of the so called African American community is a frightening one to think about, let alone talk about. As an educator in New York, I can tap into the pulse of the youth of our community in a way that provides insight as to what young African Americans think about and are concerned with. After conversing with many of our youth about the insanity that has attached itself to our community like a parasite to a host, it is more and more evident that there is a mechanism in place that perpetuates our cultural and societal quandary.

The infirmity that beleaguers our communities is the fruit of a deeply rooted tree of African and African American cultural destruction. African Americans have been taught to subscribe to the most destructive and ignorant components of our society. In order to counteract this growing problem, the elders of the community as well as people who have some kind of power or influence should reach back to help restore African American society and cultural significance. The question becomes: Will they care enough to actively work to make change? Harry Belafonte hit the nail on the proverbial head when he verbalized his distaste for the selfishness of Beyonce and Jay Z. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more people on this list and the problems with these so – called celebrities are deeper than we think.

I always likened people like Jay Z, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Russell Simmons, and others like them as hustlers of the hood. They unabashedly produce the vilest content without regard for the damage it does to the African American community. They do so to quench their thirst for that mighty dollar. Money, power, fame, and elitism motivate their every move. They are calculative with how they present their brand. The word brand was purposely used because it seems as though they lose their personhood when they have reached a certain status. Many of these hustlers are consumable commodities without honest, off the cuff, meaningful, or personal opinions. Everything that they do is contrived and money minded. So social commentary is a rarity.

Even though they are themselves from the very community that they are poisoning, it is almost like they couldn’t care less about the quagmire that African Americans in the 21st century are in. These peddlers of filth are like Black slave drivers on the plantation. It almost seems as though plantation owners put them on a horse, gave them a shot gun, and said “keep those niggas in check.” Their actions are synonymous with a reply of “yes sir boss.” In the days of slavery, Black slave drivers were promoted to their positions by the master of the plantation. They were expected to keep the Negroes in line so to speak. Black slave drivers acquired a position of authority but remained one of the lowest forms of humanity by society’s standards of the time.

The record companies are in essence plantation owners and people like Jay Z, Combs, and Simmons are the slave drivers. The record companies dictate what kinds of content they want produced and these hustlers/drivers acquiesce no matter the collateral damage. In many interviews these hustlers have defended the content that they have produced. The nonsensical excuse that they are just poets of the hood talking about the problems of the hood is ridiculous. There is difference between commentary and glorification. It doesn’t matter either way because they are given a license to be socially irresponsible. There did not create our society’s predicament, but they package, market, and sell it.

At the end of the day, we have some very hard questions to ask of ourselves? Why do we the consumers allow this to occur? Do we care about the Black community? Do they care about the Black community? Do they even value the words of Harry Belafonte? Do they give a damn about his sacrifice and the sacrifice of so many others who have come before them? Why is there no chorus of the larger African American community rallying behind the comments of Harry Belafonte?

In 2012, the African American community is in a peculiar state. Many of the ignorant, self – hating, and culturally unaware people have microphones. Their messages are loudly and vigorously marketed and have become socially acceptable. The people who speak out get shouted down by the brainwashed masses. Others are afraid to sound old or behind the times. Some are fearful of the confrontation that will arise when the defenders of imbecility come for them and their opinions. The fact that the people who could make significant changes in the African American community with their status refuse to do so has become accepted. There are no standards with who the African American community and the hustlers are made to abide by.

Jay Z and all of the other slave driving hustlers do not have to think about the community. They do not have to express concern about it. The community does not require them to do so. The African American community can celebrate that these individuals have made it and that we are proud of them with no strings attached. Their selfishness has been going on for a long time now. We are entrenched in it. Think about it, would the caricatures Two Chains, Nikki Minaj, or any of these other clowns have a record deal if we or the hustler/drivers gave a damn? Selfishness, greed, fame, and the illusion of inclusion as Paul Mooney put it, trumps selflessness, generosity, humility, and knowledge of self every time.
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    dam this is one way to look at it tho
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    Yea cuz jay was the only one n the article mentioned..
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    Top Cat wrote: »
    Inb4 usmarie flys in here and defends his lord and master jay z

    he kinda of late already surprised he ain't in here yet cape must be at the cleaners

    He was to busy in the cheap seats getting shitted on
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    Lol @texasdaking88 into his feelings. He's just about worse as usmarin3.

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    Everything always has to be slave master and slave mentality.
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    This is more of a question of personal responsibility and how we define cultural icons. Do highly successful blacks owe their community anything? Aren't we responsible for our own upbringing? What Jay or any other highly successful black person does in their life is their decision. He's an entertainer lets just leave it at that.
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    I see a nerve was struck correct? Don't make it so obvious, b..control those emotions.
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    Nah, you're a cool poster, b.

    But this pro-black annoys the hell out of me.
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    Lol @texasdaking88 into his feelings. He's just about worse as usmarin3.

    How is it showing feelings? Becuz I pointed out ur bias by only pointing to jay n the title but he wasn't the only one mentioned? Doesn't bother me one way or another but I point out a lot of bullshit.. u just caught feelings like u always Do when someone doesn't agree with u.. I do think the article is bullshit becuz I believe it's a certain mentality that makes certain black people believe something is owed to them.. I believe in helping those n need but I ain't obligated to do shit.. the problems that exist n the article are human problems that have existed since the beginning, not just since Rus was n office
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    ohhhla wrote: »
    Nah, you're a cool poster, b.

    But this pro-black annoys the hell out of me.

    Why does it annoy you? You are Black right? It's relevant even for today's standard. The premise of the thread stings but it's truthful.
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    So basically dude wants them to turn into Kweli and Mos Def and start rocking kufi's and dashiki's? That's cool, what were their last album sales numbers though? How about instead of trynna knock other black folks down let's stop listening and buying the bullshit and support the real shit? No? No?

    Okay uhm....kill whitey?!?!
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    So basically dude wants them to turn into Kweli and Mos Def and start rocking kufi's and dashiki's? That's cool, what were their last album sales numbers though? How about instead of trynna knock other black folks down let's stop listening and buying the bullshit and support the real shit? No? No?

    Okay uhm....kill whitey?!?!

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    black, white, asian, brown, whatever, we all slaves to the system. you either work within it to try and get out from underneath it or u dont.
    and niggas shouldnt be so quick to judge others just because you read an article or peeped a malcom x video. da fuck r u doing for the black community except promoting more hate for your own in this very thread. u cant hate on jay z for not being more uplifting while hating on other niggas in the next sentence. thats just as big of a problem. everybody has something to say but aint nobody doing shit.
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    queue the nigga talking about harry belefonte and black activism that creates another thread about chris brown and drake beef. u prolly white lol. keep hitting that feelings button tho.
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    Race has nothing to do with it. If your an entertainer, got a job, a business or whatever, your a modern day slave. Its no different. Everyone has to answer to somebody and that somebody is the government. Those are the real slave masters.
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