The reason "Watch The Throne" is so despised by critics...

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Just about every song can be used as proof against the commonly used criticisms of Jay-Z and Kanye.

Criticisms of Jay:
Redundant lyrics of drug dealing and money
Over dependant of Kanye/Pharrell/Just Blaze/Timbaland production
No artistic growth
One dimensional stereotypical New York rapper
Not thought provoking or deep
No connection to the everyday struggles of Black Americans
Devil worshipper/illuminati/etc

Criticisms of Ye:
Too much singing, not enough rapping
Using ghostwriters
Too much soul sampling
Not enough soul sampling
Diminished 'consciousness' and 'Pac-like emotion and wittiness'

You really can't say this shit about Jay and Ye after listening to this album. No Church In The Wild, Murder To Excellence, New Day, Why I Love You, The Joy, Primetime, Otis, Welcome To The Jungle, Made In America are the types of songs that Jay and Ye haters...and I call them haters because their claims are unfounded...refuse to acknowledge.
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