Big Names vs. Actual Talent in the Dunk Contest

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I'm among the many who feels the dunk contest is lacking star power...but I was thinking over the weekend is it actually a lack of big names in the contest vs. actual lack of exciting dunks now. Looking at the all-star game and hearing the announcers scream whenever LeBron or Durant or Griffin dunked saying they were better than the dunk contest games...but LeBron didn't do anything different than he dunks in a normal game. KD and Blake put a little extra flair in theirs, but we saw Blake in the contest and he wasn't that great. It was just knowing the name Blake Griffin was going to be in the contest tha got people hyped, then as soon as it was over it was "Ehh, it wasn't really that good" are people clamoring more for LeBron because he's a big name or because he'd actually pull off a dunk contest worthy dunk because 3 rounds of him just dunking really, really, powerful ain't exciting in a dunk contest. To me there's more creative dunker's than LeBron, KD, and some other big names folks want
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