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Two parents in Beverly Hills, Fla., have been charged with child abuse for allegedly raising their 9-year-old son in a filthy home and denying him sufficient food and medicine.

A school nurse found a cockroach in the child's ear in September and, on another occasion, other school officials saw roaches crawling out of his backpack, Citrus Daily reported.

Citrus County sheriff's deputies arrested Christina Forbes, 33, and Robert Forbes, 32, on Thursday.

Police said the child reeked of cat urine, and wore the same pull-ups to school on multiple occasions. They allege that the accused couple didn't allow him to get medication he needed, according to WLTX-TV.

The child's teachers told authorities they routinely gave him food and helped clean him, reported.

The parents are each in jail on $5,000 bail and their son has been placed in alternative care, according to

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