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So.. Hov had to check Swizz Beatz over some kid shit..

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Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys recently discussed motherhood and revealed an incident when her two year-old son snuck a kiss on rap mogul Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's daughter.

According to Keys, the sneaky kiss on Blue Ivy Carter from her son Egypt landed husband Swizz Beatz in the hot seat with Young Hov.
"He's two. He's so adorable. I can't even tell you how huge of a basketball fan he is. I can't believe it," Keys said about her son. "He knows the whole starting line-up, he can say their numbers, he can say their names and at night, he has a special song for Melo that he sings, and JR Smith. He's very cute. .... The kids will hang out and I think Egypt kissed Blue [Ivy], and I don't think Jay liked it very much. He called my husband like, 'Umm, watch your son.' [laughs]" ("The Wendy Williams Show")

About my daughter,
I prolly would have done the same thing..

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