What's with the over the top hate for certain artists these days?

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I understand not liking their music, but some of the hate ppl express don't seem to justify that it's solely based on the music, it's all most like they have had some sort of real traumatic experiences with these artists ...either that or posters and online personalities feel that they have to exaggerate they hate, or maybe they get some joy out of it (kinda sad if that's the case)....if somebody is wack to y'all, which is highly subjective then kool, but why obsess and feel like you need to manifest your dislike, just state your opinion and keep it moving...

I expect my stans/followers to come in here spewing some childish shyt, but some behaviour in here don't make to much sense, you'd really need a psychoanalyst to be able to break down what's really goin on here...this thread was influenced by Juelz Santana's comments, don't even fuck wit his music like that anymore, but he had to have seen something for him to say that if you got time to be online typing your gay or some shyt of that nature....I saw the vid, the comment was mad ignorant but I think he just ain't know how to communicate it right, he had a point tho i'm sure he was referring to the posters/bloggers that got time to just type hate for another nigga like some scorned female, dedicating all their energy and shyt towards something that don't have no sort of impact in their lives, or maybe it does...when you think about it, that shyt is imcomprehensible...

Maybe this shyt is filled with a bunch of youngens or ppl with some real life mental issues...*where's that :unno emoticon*


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