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Hulk Hogan Slams Bret Hart As A Cheap WWF champion

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During an interview in Issue 90 of Fighting Spirit Magazine TNA
star Hulk Hogan took a shot at Bret "The Hitman" Hart
claiming that Hart drove down the salaries of future
WWF/WWE champions by agreeing to work for less
than everyone else.

“The main-event guy made the most money when he
had the belt," Hogan explained. "When I was the (WWF)
champion, I made the most money. It was an old rule
that Vince (McMahon) Sr. had that, thank god, was
passed on for quite a while. That changed when Bret
Hart became champion; he'd work for a lot less than
anybody else, so it changed everybody's pay."

Later in the interview, Hogan also implied that he felt
that Hart was two-faced, stating: “The last time I saw
[Bret], he was flying around in my Learjet with me, and
playing with my kids in the pool. Then, all of a sudden,
we're not cool.

The six-page interview with Hulk Hogan is in Issue 90
of FSM, available on Thursday, February 21 from WH
Smiths and Easons in the UK and Ireland, and for
iPhone/iPad and Android via
www.FightingSpiritMagazine.co.uk. 40% discounts are
also available on some subscriptions, also via our
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