Robotech: The Macross Saga Appreciation

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When I think about Macross Saga, the first thing that comes to mind is, "How in the fuck did this shit ever get pass the censors?" The Macross Saga was my first real exposure to Japanimation, Star Blazers was a little before my time, and I didn't fuck with Captain Harlock even though I've heard good things about it, and Volton, those a classic just wasn't fucking with The Macross Saga.

One of the things that was endearing to about Macross was that it didn't dumb itself dumb for the target demo. Even though Macross aired (for me anyway) at 3:30 in the afternoon, it had some very adult themes. For example, the love triangle between Rick Hunter, Lynn-Minmey, and Lisa Hunter. Originally, Rick was fucking with Minmey, then he eventually ended up fucking with Lisa. If you're familiar with Macross, Minmey ends up fucking with her a cousin, Lynn-Kyle. Yeah that's right, there was an incesteous relationship on afternoon children's television. Also their was an interracial relation between Roy Fokker and Claudia Grant, if I'm not mistaken, there's not another interracial relationship in animation until we get to Jon Stewart and Shayera on JLA.

Another cool aspect about Macross and Robotech on the whole was the villains weren't on some dumb shit. For example, on G. I. JOE COBRA Commander was all around fuck up, on Transformers (G1) Streamscream stayed fucking with Megatron and fucking up victory, but on Robotech the villains were cool and you got the feeling that they weren't to be fucked with, as in the case of Miriya Sterling, Breetai, Exedore, they're likable and respectable, villains with honor so to speak.

Then the most shocking thing about Robotech, niggas died on that shit. One of the most annoying things about G. I. JOE was the COBRA pilots that always seem to parachute to safety, that didn't happen on Robotech, when those missiles hit, shit blew up with the pilot in veritech or the Zentradi pod ship. Not only did miscellaneous people die, major characters died, such as Roy Fokker and Ben Dixon. When I originally saw it, I thought Roy was coming back, until a week and a half passed and the nigga didn't come back.

Finally, there was the ending to Macross with is the literally the greatest of all time endings to a animated series, Kyron's suicide run on the SDF 1. As great as Bruce Timm and Dwayne McDuffie are and were, I don't that they're fucking with the work Carl Macek did on The Robotech Series

The Death of Roy Fokker @ 20:50

Death of Ben Dixon @ 1:52 Not going to get niggas disintegrating in today's cartoons.

Kyron's suicide run on the SDF 1@ 19:00, @20:00 The GOAT LINE!
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