Why do "Independent" women be the first one's to jump the broom?

twatgettatwatgetta Posts: 6,718 ✭✭✭✭✭
I know this group of bestie chicks that love to hate on guys about how we ain't shit, Women's lib, etc..shit like that right...So the main chick out the bunch always preaches how Independent she is how she don't need no Man, loves to watch Love and Hip Hop and ATL Housewives,. Convincing the other broads to follow suit and talk the same shit. Well come to find out, the main Independent broad went and got married a couple weeks back on the sneak tip getaway to Hawaii. So now I'm clowning the broad that I know who kicks it with them and she can't take it. She claiming all women need a Man....WTF???

Wassup with that ladies? Why do yall go out like that? If you so Independent why do you need a Man?


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