2 little girls force to fight in new york park

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A shocking video has emerged showing a young girl being egged on by teenagers to attack another child in a New York park.

The footage, which is a little over two minutes and half long, was uploaded to the video sharing website YouTube.

The video makes for difficult viewing as two young girls - who appear to be no older than ten - stand off against each other as onlookers encourage them to fight.

The teenagers - who may be older siblings, girls at school or even parents - then accuse the girl in the black puffa jacket of 'not playing fair before' and telling the other girl to 'just slap her'.

As the girl in the black puffa jacket stands her ground, the other does as she is told and shoves her twice before slapping her on the face.

The older people in the background then scream on more encouragement, shouting: 'Whoop her ass. Just do it. Punch her. Harder'.

She then appears to be crying as she shouts at the group who are laughing as they film the whole incident: 'I'm not playing. It's not funny'.

The girl goes to grab her bag and is surrounded by the group as they continue to taunt her. The video then ends.

The footage has been sent to NYC's Administration for Children's Services who are currently reviewing it.



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