Well Dayum.... Tell Em Why You Mad Son....

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You got niggas name callin and jumpin out they face at other posters for saying anything thats not 100% devoted to kissing sony's ass? wtf? I make a thread stating nothing but fact, going at no one directly... it gets locked or edited. But this? This is allowed to go on? Read the rules YOU WROTE about posting and get on ya job, mod.

Well dayum..... So it was cool to shit on Playstation All-Stars all week long for not selling Mario numbers but now when the tides turn we gotta bend over backwards for YOU ? The audacity I tell ya....


Anyways I just wanted to say - I'm gonna let the PS4 threads rock for a whole week or so. I want them to get a bit of shine & spark some discussion. Afterwards if I remember to I'll send em to the PS4 thread stickied.

Enjoy yourselves this weekend & viva la Sony Playstation 4.

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