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J Cole Talks About "Power Trip" (LOL)

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Vid in link

Roc Nation emcee J. Cole celebrated Valentine's Day this year by dropping the lead single "Power Trip" off his upcoming sophomore album Born Sinner. Now, in an interview with MTV, Cole breaks down the track.

Cole explained that he decided to make his collaboration with Miguel the first single off his forthcoming effort because of its unique sound. He feels that the track's style and his "sleepy" flow are remarkably different from what listeners would expect to hear from him.

"The most exciting part about that song and the reason why we went with it is that it sounds like nothing that's out," he said. "And it was between that, and this other record that's like, maybe a bigger record, but 'Power Trip' had that newer sound. They both have a new sound, but 'Power Trip,' absolutely you couldn't point to any song on the radio and be like, 'Oh, this sounds like that'…everything from the beat to the way that I'm flowing, you've never really heard me so sleepy. I really did them verses in my crib and just loved the way they felt."

Last month, Cole's anticipated effort was pushed back from its initial January 28th release date. The North Carolina emcee also released a free EP Truly Yours earlier this month.




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