Just woke up from a wild ass dream.. (Long read)..

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shit started out at a house party.. I was sitting in the dining room drinking, playing cards, and talking shit..
Next thing I know this young boy, from the neighborhood come through the door looking like he was running from someone..
I asked him if he was okay he said yeah and walked through, towards the living room..
I ain't think nothing of it and went back to playing cards..
So like 3 or 4 minutes go by then the police show up at the door, some drunk bitch let them in..
I sat there with the cards in my hand while they walked through taking in the scene.
I automatically thought "damn the young boy did some dumb shit and the police followed him here..
I put my head down, shook my head, and mumbled "here we go with the bullshit"..
That's when I realized my gun handle was poking out from under my shirt..
So I tried to adjust it but it showed more..
The lady cop was closest to me and she asked what I was fucking with under the table..
I pulled my shirt down and stood up like yo I gotta piss, and walked off to the bathroom,
Ignoring their demands for me to sit down..
I slipped past the bathroom and walked out the front door..
Soon as I felt the cold air on my face I took off running,
I knew they'd be right behind me, but I figured I'd hit a couple corners and toss the gun on the roof,
but all the roofs were either too high or slanted
I didn't want to risk throwing the gun, And it not make it, or slide off the side and come back down,
So I hopped a fence, ran through a back yard and into someone's house slamming the door shut behind me..
I peeked through the window and saw that the police weren't too far behind me,
That's when I heard a voice ascending from upstairs yelling "who's there??"
Thats when I noticed there were mirrors on damn near every wall, and in one of the mirrors
I see a scrawny white dude coming down the steps with a gun in each hand..
My first thought was to duck in the shadows and just knock his ass out when he reach the bottom of the stairs,
But then I thought if his gun goes off then it will be loud and alert the police..
So I mumbled "I need help" just loud enough for him to hear me,
I said it thinking if he heard "help" then he'd let his guard down a little..
As he got to the bottom of the stairs he seen the police approaching outside then he looked to my direction,
So I said it again "I need help".. Then I showed him the gun and told him I need to get rid of it..
He said "come on" then he ran up the stairs skipping 2 steps at a time.. I was right behind him..
Upstairs he led me to a door and said "throw the gun down there"..
I didn't know what he was talking about until I went inside the room and seen a trash shoot,
But it had a lock on it.. So I hit the lock with the handle of the gun twice and it broke..
Next I wiped the finger prints of the gun with my shirt and tossed it down the shoot along with the lock..
When I came out the room the police were inside the house. I came down stairs, the scrawny white dude was talking to them..
That's when I realized, that the scrawny white dude is actually one of my teachers..

Then I woke up..
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