Why do people act like HBK drew money??

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He never drew money until DX.

People always seem to question Bret's drawing ability but everyone knows he was an overseas attraction.HBK ...is the one who always seems to get a pass especially on the internet.

The company was dying when he was champ..Bret was at least an okay draw and he was huge in Canada,the UK and Germany that kept the doors open when he was the top dog.But he didnt draw that well either.He was just slightly better than okay in the US.

Then they force fed us Deisel and HBK(obviously b/c of politics) and business just went ass up and didnt pick back up til bret came back and austin caught on fire.

HBK is the most overated motherfucker ever.I honestly think the WWF talent at the time was so horrible and his style at the time was fresh water but he didnt really draw a dime until DX.

I'm not saying he wasn't popular but he wasnt't gonna put asses in seats and make people ppv's and merchandise with a fucking giggalo gimmick in 96.

I honestly would have bypassed him and focused on HHH and Austin that year instead of that overated junkie.
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