Busta Rhymes now resorting to performing for lawyers at legal conferences.

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This week, the American Association for Justice held one of its members-only conventions in Miami Beach, Florida. At the closing of what we’re sure was an otherwise thrilling event, a special guest was pulled out of obscurity to put some flava in everyone’s ears: it was none other than… Busta Rhymes? *record scratch*

Ugh… sigh. You know a rapper’s career is coming to an end when he’s forced to resort to performing for a group of people wearing suits, ties, and suspenders. Next thing you know, he’ll be on a VH1 dating show. But, given his extensive criminal history, he probably owed at least one of the lawyers in the crowd a favor.

Here are some additional details on Busta’s performance from Alex Aldridge over at Legal Cheek:

“Any old lawyers? Any old attorneys? Any old powerful legal representation? Let me show you how to get you guys rollin’!” bellows Rhymes in the clip, before breaking into song.



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