New Kanye West Rant (Talks Grammys, Doesn't Like "Suit and Tie", etc.")

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During Kanye's rant in London he said, "I got love for Hov, but I aint fucking with that suit & tie"
10:31 PM - 23 Feb 13

"I don't give a fuck what the president got to say" - Kanye, during his rant.


"The grammys can suck my dick" - Kanye

Team Kanye Daily @TeamKanyeDaily

"I've never won a Grammy against a White person" - Kanye
11:19 PM - 23 Feb 13



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    Come on kanye
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    so what caused this nigga to get back on his bullshit ?
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    Be$T_1 wrote: »
    so what caused this nigga to get back on his bullshit ?

    Don't know, but I liked it tho, no homo...he kept it real, don't disagree with what he allegedly said.
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    Just Kanye being Kayne.............................

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    So u got time to check for french Montana but not cruel summer?

    This shyt ain't about French, but to entertain your bs, pusha, common and maybe even big Sean are better spitters than French, but they don't make more enjoyable music than he does, with the exception of Common of course...been up on French since Max b put him on and he clearly soaked some game, and like i said them niggaz don't make more enjoyable songs than he does, specially when he was fuckin wit Max.
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    haute wrote: »
    watch the throne and cruel summer weren't strong enough for these emotional rants

    Watch the throne was strong enough, they elevated the quality and standards in hiphop with that effort, I can't see how a hiphop aficionado wouldn't fuck with that album.

    No.. no they didn't..

    Yeah they did, they pushed boundaries with some of the content, songs like murder to excellence reigned superior to the rest of the shyt that was out...they displayed their superiority with that effort.
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