Three 6 Mafia @ the 2006 Oscars Appreciation

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The Grammys dont even five a fuck about Hip Hop and these dudes went and got em a fuckin Oscar...Shit was goat

DJ Paul: We wanna thank Keith Young, our choreographer.

Juicy J: Yes!

DJ Paul: Man, hear me out—the whole Sony Records. Lisa Ellis, our moms, our whole family…

Juicy J: Thank you Jesus! The Academy!

DJ Paul: Select-O-Hits for givin’ us a chance. The Academy…We love the Academy! Gil Cates! Everybody, man!

Juicy J: Man, we love ya’ll!

DJ Paul: Hell, I got plenty of time. I wanna thank everybody man…

Juicy J: Lisa Ellis, Don Ienner,

DJ Paul: Once again our families…Ludacris, shawty, what’s up! George Clooney, my favorite man, he showed me love when I first met him.

Frayser Boy: Memphis, Tenn, we bringin’ it home!

DJ Paul: We outta here!

Juicy J: Memphis Tennessee!

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