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Bun B Names His Top 5 Current MC's

StewStew Rap Music Is My ReligionHTTRPosts: 51,828 Regulator
UGK member Bun B has named his top five favorite emcees in the game at the moment.

During an interview with Shade 45's Sway Calloway, the Houston, Texas native began by picking Grime rapper Dizzee Rascal, who Bun says is sorely underrated.

"Dizzee Rascal, from the U.K., is probably one of the most underestimated emcees, period, on the planet. His technical skills are dare I say almost unmatched by any other emcee," he said.

He also named Yelawolf, with whom he collaborated for the cut "Good to Go." "Yelawolf I think is an incredible emcee. I think as we emcees say breath control, his ability to put together as many words as possible before he has to take another breath. It's something that not a lot of people can do, but he's learned how to construct songs based off of that breath control, which I think is extremely impressive."

Like his contemporary Nas, Bun picked Kendrick Lamar as one of his favorite current emcees, praising him for his raw skills and enthusiasm. "I'd probably have to say Kendrick Lamar. Having Dr. Dre as an overseer definitely helps, but he's very tenacious. He's very raw and he's hype all the time. He's very excited to be rapping at any given moment.

"Number four, probably Royce Da 5'9," he continued. "Probably the most underrated lyricist in the game right now. I think his catalog, when you go back and look at it verse-for-verse, it's going to be really hard for any emcee to really stand up against. Number five is me. I just had to go there."

Bun B most recently released his third solo album Trill O.G., which bowed at No. 4 on the charts with 40,000 copies sold in its first week upon release in August 2010.



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