Black expressions, White equivalent

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Black expressions, White equivalent. add on if you wish

Shit = Shucks
Gotdammit! = Dammit all to Hell!
Nutsack = Dingleberries
Good Good = Golly Gee
Wutz good? = How's everything with you?
It's going dyne = Something's not right here
Yo kid! = Hey Billy!!!
Whut it do? = Can I help you?
You eatin' Molly's? = Can I have some X please?
My grill slugged up = I have some specialty made gold teeth
She ready mane = I think she wants to have sex with you.
Naw nigga = I said No and I mean it, Phil.
Man Up = You got to dig deeper than that
I got 5 Racks- I have $5,000 dollars
Deez streetz is hard = These cul-de-sacs are bumpy
Gettin' my swerve on = I think I'll go for a spin
Yo' bitch chose me, wtf? = She said she didn't have a man, can we work this out?

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