RZA talks about how they got Method Man to do the song 'All I Need'

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He also explained the story behind Method Man’s Mary J. Blige-assisted “I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By,” a cut Meth originally did not want to do. According to RZA, Meth refused to make the song a single until he was given a car and a Mary J. Blige placement.

“Method Man, at the time, was considered the most hardest emcee in the game," RZA noted. "He had a song called ‘Bring the Pain.’ He’s 6’4” and in my neighborhood, he would walk around with the biggest gun you’ve ever seen. So, he did not want to be a pretty boy or a type of boy that girls liked, you know what I mean? I remember we did this song in my basement and I kind of forced him to do the song…We had to promise to buy him a new car and get Mary J. Blige to do the hook in order for this to be the single. It turned out this song became maybe a double platinum seller for him. Him and Mary won a Grammy [that] year.”

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